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This blog is mainly a technical repository of information on Virtualisation tools and management for our hosting service.

Also for HP's Bladesystem that we use at both our datacentres.

Other articles are also included on .Net development and MS SQL Server as well as other interesting things we come across.

Sunday 26 April 2009

VMware ESXi problem with NIC teaming and CARP with virtual firewall/router

Very tricky one to track down why a failover firewall configuration would never promote it's CARP IP's to MASTER status.

Turns out you must only have a single NIC on a vSwitch with a guest VM being used as a MASTER for CARP, otherwise will always show as BACKUP.

Can't even have a NIC in the standby list, 2nd NIC has to be completely removed.

There may well be a setting in the advanced options somewhere that might get this to work, if anyone has done this please let us know!

Friday 24 April 2009

Setting up a High Availability NAS/SAN using Openfiler

Setting up a High Availability NAS/SAN using Openfiler

Run through on configuring DRDB to run a high availabilty cluster using Openfiler


Friday 3 April 2009

Getting higher iSCSI throughput on VMware

As we are using iSCSI SANS at our datacentres, this is a very interesting article on getting higher iSCSI throughput under VMWare.