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This blog is mainly a technical repository of information on Virtualisation tools and management for our hosting service.

Also for HP's Bladesystem that we use at both our datacentres.

Other articles are also included on .Net development and MS SQL Server as well as other interesting things we come across.

Friday 18 October 2013

Stop expiring passwords on server core

Nice easy one, at command line enter this to stop any accounts from expiring their passwords:


Thursday 10 October 2013

Extending root RHEL physical partition and then the underlying LV

Bit fiddly this so reminder to myself:
  • Boot into rescue mode from install DVD
  • delete partition with fdisk 
  • recreate at same start to end of disk
  • reboot
  • back into rescue
  • Then run these commands
pvresize /dev/sda2 (or 2nd partition on physical disk)
lvextend /dev/mapper/*vg_lv* -l+100%FREE (for all the disk)
resize2fs /dev/mapper/*vg_lv* (to resize FS, may take a short while)
  • Check volumes are ok with vgs/lvs
  • Reboot to double check everything boots and mounts fine