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Sunday 9 November 2008

Convert old VMWare server disk directly to ESX/ESXi format

Rather than use Converter which isn't altogether reliable especially with converting multi-disk servers, convert the disk directly and upload straight to the datastore.

Here's how to make the transition easy, assuming all your disks use LSILogic or BusLogic drives:

On your vmware server host, use "vmware-vdiskmanager -r (source disk path) -t 2 (destination disk path)" to convert your disk to "monolithicFlat"
Open "disk.vmdk" it is just a text file
Change "monolithicFlat" to "vmfs" and change "FLAT" (note the case!) below that to "vmfs".

Just add the disk to the ESX/ESXi VM and boot!


Unknown said...

My disk is approx 15 Gb, you want me to open it in a text editor?

Am I missing something here?

IT support said...

There should be 2 files, the XXX.vmdk and the XXX-flat.vmdk, the smallest file is the one to open in notepad.

Unknown said...

Fantastic. Works likea charm